IMCO Hub (Shanghai) Part II: Global Development of Music Brands


On August 29, 2019, the second part of IMCO Hub (Shanghai) waas hosted by IMCO at Shanghai Music Valley 1933 Exhibition Center. In the first half of the activity, leaders of Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal and District Committee, leaders of Shanghai National Music Industry Park (Shanghai Music Valley), Hongkou District, leaders of the Investment Promotion Office, Culture and Tourism Bureau, Sound Promotion Association, Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Kanjian Music, Modern Sky, music brands and musicians, legal guests, representatives of relevant parks, enterprises, colleges, associations and industrial departments were invited to explore together the topic of Music and Urban Development. In the second half of the event, we invited all experienced music industry members in a panel to brainstorm and discuss the global the development of music brands.

by IMCO 2019.11.05